This cat on a mission has been reprinted on Threadless and now available on girly tank!

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SuperCat at your service. Design up for scoring at Threadless need your 5. Thanks

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New design up for scoring at Threadless please score 5 guys thanks

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New design now up for sale at Threadless. My 4th print this year! Yey!

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What’s on your Mind?

Up for voting at Threadless give me 5 guys thanks

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Any Game Of Thrones Fans out there?
Check this out “The Lord Crow” my new shirt design now available on Threadless#10dollaHOLLA
Winter is coming! So grab it now!

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Swim Around My Cosmic Dreams
Up for scoring Threadless give me 5

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"The Lord Crow" inspired from Game of Thrones now scoring on Threadless
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First printed design for 2014

"They Loved the Landscape to Death" is now available on Threadless

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Sharing Punchdrunk Panda's Listening Tea Party (and why we do what we do) :)


Punchdrunk Panda is a Filipino retail graphic design bran that aims to rid the world of the bland and the boring by funkifying the world in collaboration with like-minded creatives through functional graphic-designed products.

• To give Filipino designers and illustrators an…

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