"Don’t listen to people, just listen to music"
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"The City" now scoring on Threadless.com give me 5 https://www.threadless.com/designs/the-city-11

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The North new design up for voting at Threadless please score 5 https://www.threadless.com/designs/the-north

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I have new Tshirt design available on Threadless you can buy it here: 
"Evil Will Burn" 

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Hi. I’m speaking to you from heaven because I died from cuteness while I was putting this post together.

This stuff is almost sold out, but what’s left is only $9.95 right now.

(via threadless)

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This cat on a mission has been reprinted on Threadless and now available on girly tank!


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SuperCat at your service. Design up for scoring at Threadless need your 5. Thanks


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New design up for scoring at Threadless please score 5 guys thanks


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New design now up for sale at Threadless. My 4th print this year! Yey!

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Here comes the mad dog
Collaboration with Gaci
Need your 5 guys thanks #threadless #tee #maddog #dogs #cats #illustrations #designs #arr

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